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HostMonster Review


Current Rating of HostMonster based on experiences as detailed below.

Pricing: 4 out of 5
Support: 5 out of 5 (see 5th August 09 update)
Reliability/Uptime: 5 out of 5
Billing & Accounts 5 out of 5

HostMonster Pricing - 10th August 2012
I have noticed that Hostmonster has for some time now been advertising their plan for $4.95/month or $5.95/month whereas they list their regular price as $6.95/month. In the current hosting market I think $4.95/month is a much more competitive price. Of course as a "smart consumer" you would know from my last post that you can get Host Monster hosting for $3.95/mo if you go to Host Monster's website through Web Hosting Doctor who has rated them their No. 1 host.

HostMonster cPanel Demo - 23 June 2012
An easy to use control panel is a must for any host that you decide to host your website with. Hostmonster has recently put a link where you can access a demo of their control panel. The HostMonster control panel is a customised version of the industry standard cPanel software. To access the demo go to and click on the cPanel demo login link under "Try Before You Buy"

HostMonster Coupon - $3.95/mo- 14th December 2010
I haven't updated this blog for a while, mostly due to the fact that nothing really interesting has happened which to me is a good thing to be able to say about a host. I've said this before, but you know you have a good host when you forget they even exist.

However, I have found something very exciting though. I have found a website which is offering a valid coupon of $3.95/mo for HostMonster. The website is . All you have to do is go to the website and click on one of the links which will take you to the HostMonster website and will activate the $3.95/mo coupon. Web Hosting Doctor has ranked Host Monster their number 1 host, a ranking I thoroughly agree with.

HostMonster Update & New Offer - 17th April 2010
Well HostMonster has ended their $3.95/month promotion, however they still have a $5.95/month special on. This works out to only $71.40/year which in my opinion is a small price to pay for reliable hosting with great customer support. I'll admit I've been to hosts where i've paid $50/year but those were experiences I'd rather forget.

I also just checked the HostMonster uptime tracker that I implemented into this review about a year ago now. Since April 30, 2009 the total uptime for this site is 99.962%, this figure would be overstated however because the monitoring service I use records a minimum downtime of 5 minutes for each outage. So even if the server goes out for a few seconds it would be recorded for a minimum of 5 minutes. Even so an uptime of 99.962% is excellent! Overall I continue to be happy with the services provided by HostMonster and now have many accounts with them (some my own and some for my web design clients).

HostMonster Special Offer -21st November 2009
I have just received a special offer for my site visitors from the HostMonster marketing manager. If you use this link , you will get your hosting for just $3.95/month. The normal price is $6.95/month so this is quite a decent saving. This is absolutely awesome value for money. I was very happy with the $6.95/month pricing but at $3.95/month, HostMonster is a host that is very hard to go past.

HostMonster Review Update - 15th November 2009
Well it's been a while since my last update. I really wish I could do more regular updates, especially after all the e-mails I have received who have appreciated this in-depth review of HostMonster. Finding a host isn't easy and believe me I've been through my fair share of disaster stories related to hosting companies. However, I'm happy to say, if you Host with HostMonster you can avert a disaster. My experience with HostMonster has been positive. I've been doing a bit of research on support in the hosting industry, HostMonster is one of the few companies who still have all their support (24/7) totally in-house. This is as opposed to many companies who have outsourced their support to places like India. The response from in-house support is always faster and they can fix the problem straight away rather than going through a hierachy that is the standard with outsourced hosting support. Let's hope HostMonster keeps this model of keeping their support staff in the US. Till my next update...good luck!

HostMonster Update & Uptime - 5th August 2009
Well here's another update on this review after about 4 months. Sorry about the delay :s. Today I decided to test their support and their claim of average hold times less than 2 minutes. Well I rang and I held for 1 minute and 38 seconds (yes, I had a stop watch) before the rep answered. So, HostMonster's support is certainly good. I was also just looking at the HostMonster uptime report for this website (available here). This report has been checking the uptime of the website, every 5 minutes since 30th April 2009. The total uptime is 99.957%, which is quite outstanding. So far, I have not had any problems with hosting with Hostmonster.

HostMonster Uptime - 30th April 2009
Well this review of HostMonster has been up for a while but I think it is missing a very integral aspect. That is uptime monitoring. Today I have setup a monitoring service to monitor HostMonster's uptime. The report is available here . This will be a good indication of how reliable HostMonster's servers. So far, from what I've seen the site hasn't gone down but this method will guarantee that as the site will be checked every 5 minutes.

Update & HostMonster Customer Reviews - 18th February 2009
Another update, well everything is still going well with HostMonster and looking at their website they are still offering $5.95/month, which I am annoyed at it considering I paid $6.95/month. Oh well, i'll get over it....eventually. But for all you people signing up now, it's a great offer.

Something else I've been doing over the last few days is I've been looking at hostmonster user reviews. So basically reading reviews of HostMonster from other former and current customers. Overall, I've generally found a trend. Most of the positives are about their reliability and customer support. The few negatives I have found is in regards to their policy of blocking CPU usage for excessive users. To me this policy seems fair as it is in the interest of the majority of site owners whose websites don't use up so much of the CPU. So unless your website receives 100s of thousands of visitors everyday I wouldn't be too worried. Just about every shared host would have the same policy.

HostMonster Review after 13 months - 1st January 2009
Well it's been over 13 months now that I signed up for HostMonster on this domain. I have not had any problems with HostMonster and everything has been just how it should be. The best host is always the one you don't think about that. Apart from that I have recently done some trial calls to their tech support. This is one of the amazing things about HostMonster, I was holding for less than 1 minute before I spoke to a techy who was extremely helpful.

Hostmonster's $5.95/month promotion is also still on which is a great deal. Maybe the promotion is to attract customers and businessesin a tougher economic climate. Let's see how HostMonster performs in 2009 and I will continue to keep this review updated.

HostMonster $5.95/month Promo- 6th October 2008
I was just on the HostMonster website and they seem to be having a special promotion at the moment. You can buy their hosting package for $5.95/month rather than their usual $6.95/month. This makes their package even more attractive to potential customers. I recommended them before and at this special price, it's hard to go by HostMonster if you're looking for a complete hosting solution for your website.

HostMonster Support - 13th July 2008
A couple of days ago I had a bit of a problem setting up a database that I needed for testing out some scripts. I decided to try out the HostMonster phone support and was pleasantly surprised. Firstly the wait time was around 3 minutes which is certainly a first for a web host, it's not uncommon to be waiting 30-40 mins with some of the hosts out there. Secondly the Hostmonster support guy was knowledgeable and was able to help me out straight away. Certainly a good experience. Thumbs Up to HostMonster's Support!

HostMonster Comparisons - 22nd May 2008
I have created a series of 5 reviews that comapre HostMonster to other leading web hosts. After conducting these it is safe to say that HostMonster certainly measures up as one of the best. Use the menu on the left to see some of these HostMonster comparisons.

HostMonster Now Offering Unlimited Plan - 8th May 2008
HostMonster has just made a major change to their web hosting plans. They are now offering Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Diskspace and Unlimited Domains for the same price of $6.95/month. Making these changes makes HostMonster the first major host to offer an unlimited plan. This signals a big step in the web hosting industry, there has been much talk that offering unlimited plans will become the standard as bandwidth and storage becomes more affordable. So HostMonster is certainly leading the way. However the fact of the matter is that although hostMonster is offering unlimited plans, a very very very small proprtion of users would even use the bandwidth and diskspace they had advertised previously. However, at least you dont have to worry about your bandwidth or diskspace being restricted. This change makes HostGator's plan very very hard to go past.

Otherwise as a general update to this HostMonster review, everything is going well. I haven't had any problems with the hosting. So my positive recommendation of HostMonster still stands.

HostMonster Review Update & Plan Change - 10th February 2008
It's been about a month since my last update on this review of Host Monster. I'm happy to say that everything is going fine and I haven't had any issues with HostMonster. I haven't noticed any uptime. HostMonster has also dramatically increased their disk space and bandwidth allocations. They are now offering 1,500GB of disk space and 15,000Gb Bandwidth. This is a huge increase on 300GB diskspace and 3000GB of bandwidth that they offered just 2 months ago. This is a very positive sign from Host Monster, this increase means their offerings are now the best in the industry with reputed web hosts. 99% of websites will never use the amount of bandwidth and diskspace that HostMonster is offering. For $6.95/mo HostMonster is certainly a web host that is hard to go past.

HostMonster eCommerce - 15th January 2008
As Hostmonster uses CPanel as the hosting platform, it comes with a range of e-commerce features. Hostmonster customers have access to one click installation of a range of shopping carts such as Agora, Os Commerce and Xen Cart. Hostmonster also has a range of other features which has been details in the hostmonster ecommerce review page.

HostMonster Servers - 10th January 2008
No matter which host your site is with, you must always know what type of servers your site will be hosted. Obviously the better the server, the faster and more reliable your site will be. HostMonster Servers are quad processor Xeon Servers, rack mounted units with four Intel Xeon processing chips per server.

HostMonster Bandwidth - 21st December 2007
Last week I did a bit of research into HostMonster's bandwidth providers and connecivity. To add to this Hostmonster review, this week I've looked at the factors that affects HostMonster's uptime and their guarantees on this matter. When finding a host it is also important to find out about a hosts datacenter. Take a look at the datacenter and uptime pages which have now been added to this hostmonster review.

HostMonster Bandwidth - 13th December 2007
When looking for a host, it is very important to find information about the hosts bandwidth providers and connectivity. After all there is no point in a host having the best servers if the bandwidth is not reliable or cannot handle the load. I have done a bit of research on HostMonster's bandwidth. Hostmonster uses an OC-48 Backbone Connection which is 48 times faster than a basic DS-3 or TS-3 network data connection.

HostMonster Overview - 1st December 2007

Below is a bit of an overview of Hostmonster with some general information about them and their hosting options.

The basic web hosting account at HostMonster includes:

  • 300 GB of hosting space that includes unlimited domains on one account. You can develop all of your domains on one hosting account and still have plenty of disk space remaining to expand the sites over time
  • Unlimited email accounts for your domains. If you have many employees, or would like your user community to be able to create POP email accounts on the web sites, HostMonster is an excellent choice for this
  • SSH access as a basic part of their web hosting plans. This allows users to enter their own command lines directly to the servers
  • 3000 GB of data transfer, along with the 300 GB of disc space and other features, for $6.95 per month

The HostMonster account for web hosting is free to set up and does not include any hidden charges when you sign up. This is good compared to sites that usually charge $20, $30, or $40 as a basic set up fee for a web hosting account.

The HostMonster servers are based on the Linux operating system, and are configured for:

  • CGI
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • mySQL

For Web 2.0 development , you can easily install and design new web sites using Open Source software and Fantastico. Fantastico is a 3 rd party software that will automatically set up your mySQL databases and install popular open source software such as content management systems, blogs, forums, and other scripts.

Fantastico includes the popular software such as:

  • Joomla
  • Mambo
  • PHP-Nuke
  • Post-Nuke
  • Drupal
  • Xoops
  • Nucleus
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • Gallery
  • Many other top Open Source PHP scripts

With Fantastico , it is only just a few clicks and you can begin to develop your own Web 2.0 web site.

In addition to Fantastico and the 40+ scripts offered through it, users who sign up for an account at HostMonster also receive a free site building software to create simple web sites on a template basis with all the functions of a professional site. Even inexperienced users will have no trouble setting up a site within a few hours with this publishing tool kit. There are also front page extensions for .Net developers included on every HostMonster account.

One of the best reasons to sign up with HostMonster, is the free domain offered with every account. This and HostMonster’s top customer support make the company a great choice for web hosting.

HostMonster Control Panel - 21st November 2007

Well I've seen quite a few skins for the CPanel software, but in terms of looks and design Hostmonster's one beats them all. Right at the top is a modified version of the HostMonster's logo. I've cut a part of the header image for you to all see.

In terms of functionality HostMonster's control panel is divided into boxes with the following categories partners, promotional, preferences, mail, files, logs, security, domains, databases, software/services and advanced.

HostMonster has some interesting promotional material. They have a few coupons $50 Google Adwords and $50 Yahoo Search Services. The only catch with the adwords and yahoo search coupons are that you must be a new customer to apply them. There are also some links to "Website Alive Chat" and a site that allows you to accept credit cards for free.

HostMonster Signup - 21st November 2007

Welcome to My HostMonster Review. This website will serve as an ongoing review of HostMonster's web hosting services and will become a definite guide as to whether HostMonster is a good host. Below I have detailed the bluehost sign-up procedure.

Well the first step in the signup procedure is to either register a new domain name with HostMonster or transfer your existing domain name. Hostmonster offers domain name registration for free with their 12 and 24 month subscription. In addition to this HostMonster also offers free domain privacy which most registrars charge about $10/year for. I myself always register my domain name from an external provider just to make it easier to manage all my websites. So I choose the "transfer clients" option and click next (Screenshot below)

After that I get taken to a page where a prompt box asks me "Do you own the domain ?" I certainly do so I click "Yes".

I am now taken to Step 2 where there is a notice that says all signups are verified manually. This is an interesting point as most hosts do not verify signups manually. On this page firstly are all the normal billing and account information details such as address, name, phone numbers etc. Then comes the payment options, HostMonster accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Credit cards. They also accept paypal.

You can then choose the package you want to sign up for. The options are:
3 month price - $7.95 + $30 setup
6 month price - $7.95 + $30 setup
12 month price - $7.95
24 month price - $5.95

I'm going to go for the 24 month option. Then I am asked to select a password between 5 and 15 characters. As with all hosting and domain relating passwords, make sure it is very secure and include numbers and capitals.

Just before I click the "Create My Account" button there is the "service agreement" box which has some standard terms and a link to their full "Terms Of Service". The page also displays my IP address and lets me know that it will be recorded.

I am then taken to the paypal website to complete my payment. After completing the payment procedure I am taken to the "congratulations, your purchase was successful" page. This page also includes a link to the control panel. And that's it.

Now I shall wait for the confirmation e-mail for my ftp and other account details. As the website said HostMonster conducts manual verification they will most probably ring to confirm the account. The good thing is I can access the control panel before my signup has been verified.

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